Help - How can I see my participants response to a free form question they answer

Jan 07, 2020

I have my participants watch a video for a case study.  After the video I want them to answer two questions, "What went wrong?" and "What would you do differently".  There is no right or wrong answer and I want to hear their own thoughts on the video.  I saw that I was able to create a trigger that said "Send email to *** when the user clicks the submit button".  When I went to publish to test, it did not send me an email with my response to the questions.  Greatly appreciate any help or other ideas out there.

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Katie Riggio

Good morning, Kellie. Happy to dive in!

There isn't an email results feature in Storyline due to the limitations on consistency and accuracy across different environments. This article sheds more light on the reasoning behind this!

Also, the email trigger needs certain conditions to function—such as having an email client installed with an account and allowing JavaScript and HTML submissions from external programs.

With your goal in mind, I've got a few ideas for us to try!

  1. This discussion offers custom workarounds for getting learners' results emailed.
  2. Add a Print Results button to the results slide. That way, learners can save and then email you their results report. I mocked up a sample of this below!

Let me know what you think!

Kellie Murashima

Hi Katie,

Thank you for your ideas.  I think the second one would work best.  I have no idea how to use Java Script and am now thinking that we may just do this case studies piece in-person as a group conversation.  The print option could be our back up if we need to assign the course to them to complete on their own.

Appreciate all of your help!


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