HELP: HTML5 audio/trigger issues - project file included

I worked all night trying to understand the logic of the issues I'm experiencing. I used at least a dozen different ways of setting up different ways of achieving the same thing. No luck in HTML5, works fine in Flash.

I have now a single slide (no layers or slide maters) where the same issue occurs.

I hope someone can shed light on this, I start to believe that Storyline and HTML5 is not yet ready for anything even remotely "advanced" 

I've attached the .story file and uploaded a demo to tempshare:

Flash version without issues:

HTML5 non-working version:

Thanks in advance

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Michael Hinze

Hi Rudwin, I tested your Flash and HTML5 links. The audio in your HTML5 version works fine in my desktop Chrome and Safari browsers, but not on my iPad. I did one quick revision to your file and moved the play audio slide triggers to the PlayPause button. I know this shouldn't make any difference, but now at least the audio plays on iPad. However, now (on the iPad only), the Play/Pause button doesn't change states anymore. Here is the test. I still have an original iPad with iOS 5.1.1., so this may or may not work on newer iOS versions.

I would submit a support case.

Rutwin Geuverink

Thanks for looking at the files Michael and Phil, much appreciated.

I hope I didn't sound to negative about the issue, I wrote it after a very (very) long night

@Phil: thanks for info on T/F triggers giving issues. I saw the true and idea why, during troubleshooting I set the Equal to (ignore case) here, but didn't make any difference.

@Michael: Thanks for testing and your input. Eventually I noticed that a browser extension  (internet download manager) prevented 

the audio from loading. 

Thanks again for the feedback/help.

There are still many glitches (weird issues) occurring when I publish to HTML5...I will have to spend some more nights on it I guess:)