Help! I don't know how to capture the results of a survey on Articulate so that it reports on Blackboard

I hope you can help. Please are you able to show me how to report each student's pretest, posttest survey results that are built into my Articulate lesson so that it is recorded on Blackboard.

We need this data to ascertain the effectiveness of the program.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Shalini,

Are you utilizing a results slide to track your questions? You mentioned a pre and post test, and Storyline does only allow for one tracking method - so these would all have to be tracked by one results slide. You may also want to confirm with your Blackboard team that you'll be able to report on survey questions in terms of what the user answered - as each LMS is different in terms of how they report or track data. 

Shalini Watson

Thank you so much - I have added the results slides for my surveys and
quizzes. However, I now have another question. Could you help me to
demystify how to set up the reporting of results on Blackboard? There are a
number of settings (e.g. SCOS or SCORM etc) How will I know which options
to tick? Could you point me to a tutorial that elaborates on how to do this?


Shalini Watson

Thanks Ashley!

So, in regards to the pretest-posttest slides (2 in total), I am able to
have one results slide for both surveys?

In addition, I have a number of quizzes within the lesson. Can I track the
quizzes on another results slide (for all the quiz questions)?

In other words - I will have TWO results slides - one for the survey, and
the other for the quizzes.

If both conditions are possible, that would be great. My next question is
what boxes to tick to allow the reporting of these scores. Is there a quick
lesson on which options to choose when uploading the SCORM documents to


Bruce Holliday

You can have either a survey or a quiz per story file, not both. Export to scorm 2004 Ed2 or Ed3 ina zip. Track for quiz results. In blackboard you can review what each student responded with, including free text responses. You can export all reponses to xls, csv for further manipulation.

Hope the helps,

Shalini Watson

Thanks that does indeed help, but this is limiting for a designer who
wishes to both quiz students and survey them in the one file.

Do you know of any workarounds that would not require me to zip and package
three separate articulate files instead of one (the pretest survey, lesson
proper (with quizzes), and posttest survey)?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sha,

You can have as many results slides as you'd like in a course, but only one of them can be tracked to an LMS. You could choose to have one main results slide that would track the other results slides and tally a score as detailed here.

The other option, although not supported by Articulate, would be to utilize one of the options here for a multiple SCO course. 

Bruce Holliday

Lots of ways to skin this one but it depends on how far you are willing to
go outside of the norm. You could use google forms for the pretest by
having a webform in the tute, or input boxes/ radio buttons and javascript
to capture responses that feed into an email / google spreadsheet / or
webpage built on the fly..... I think you can set the tute up to pass the
pre-test score to the results slide that does go to gradebook by storing
and using that variable through a slide that the students don't see, but
will track to the backend. The survey could be handled as a post quiz
slider using a webform and google forms to capture the survey results.

Hope that helps,