Help: I'm unable to identify the issue with this drag and drop game (file included)

Aug 03, 2018

Hello, Heroes!

I'm working on a simple drag and drop interaction and I could use some expertise. I'm not using the freeform drag and drop question function, but when I tried it that way I had the same issue-

I have triggers set to change the state of the drop objects to change the state to Drop Correct/Incorrect based on target. I also have triggers to change the state of the drop targets to custom state "dropped" whenever any of the items are dropped (either correctly or incorrectly). 

I also have a trigger to show a retry option when one of the states is Drop Incorrect IF all drop sites are state "dropped". I have a trigger to set a winning message animation when all states are drop correct.

For some reason, this isn't working. I believe the issue is that the Drop Correct/Incorrect states aren't registering, but I'm lost on why that might be. 

I appreciate the help!

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Walt Hamilton



It is maybe not a well-known, but newly known bug (See Ashley's first Reply) in SL that using "State of XXX is ..." in the "When" portion of a trigger only works if you have fewer than five items in the conditions.Using "When state of XXX is ..."  seems like a wonderful idea, but more items than that, and it just doesn't work. It's a timing thing. (Note: this restriction doesn't apply if "State of ..." is used in the Conditions part of the trigger.)
You need to set the "When" clause of those triggers to fire based on an actual event (like "When timeline starts", or "When user clicks", or "When variable changes")

Check the Corrected Slide in the sample. I created a variable to tell when all drop targets have an item dropped on them. A trigger on each medal is fired when it is dropped on a rectangle, and changes the variable only when all the other rectangles have been dropped on. Then there is a trigger to show the layer when the variable changes iOne is dropped Incorrect.

Lauren Merrild

Thank you, Walt. I couldn't have begun to figure this out without your help. We are nearly there, but there's still one issue-

The "You are a winner" message did not appear when all of the states were drop correct, only the retry button.

I adjusted the trigger for retry and the trigger for the line motion path. Now the message is showing up when all are correct, but I couldn't get the retry to not also show up when all are correct.

Your help is appreciated!

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