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Nancy Woinoski

You should be able to double-click on your Storyline 2 file and it should open in Storyline 360. When you do this you will get a message that says something like "the project was build in a previous version of storyline would you like to upgrade now"

Just click yes and you can start working on the file in Storyline 360.



Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Beth! I wanted to point out that Articulate Storyline 2 is still available for purchase here. Although we have recently launched Articulate 360, Storyline 2 will remain and continue to be supported. If you enjoyed using Storyline 2 and want to keep using that one, awesome! If you would like to talk to our Success Team about your recent purchase of Articulate 360, you can reach them directly here.

And just in case you're interested, here's a comparison of the features in Storyline 2 vs. Storyline 360.