Help! Im on deadline and My Variable Change Not Working

Aug 04, 2022



Was that subject line dramatic enough?

I'm so confused. I've been trying to learn about variables. I even got one project set up perfectly to have my learners choose an avatar based on a variable change. However, I decided to try it in a different project and it's not working!  I can't for the life of me figure out what I've done wrong. Can you take a look? It's the Participant Scene-Dr. Learner.



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Walt Hamilton

Not a variable problem at all; it's a state problem. Something (I don't know what) happened when the Arthur state of Character was created.  I Edited the states of Character, selecting and copying the graphic of Arthur. Then I deleted the state of Arthur, closed the editing, and pasted Arthur onto the slide.

I selected and copied Arthur from the slide, and edited the states of Character. I duplicated the Normal (not the Simone) state, deleted Simone, and pasted Arthur. It seems to work now.