Help - Images show when viewed from computer but disappear when viewed from iPad

Nov 04, 2014

Hello - I am working on getting our modules compatible with the iPad for SL2.. I have gotten through plenty with no problem until now.  We have an Interaction slide in which the user must click the image in which the side view mirrors are adjusted properly on the car, and then click submit.  When you view the module online via a computer, it works fine.  When I view the module on the iPad, the images just aren't there... it the module slide without the three images.  Consequently, you have a submit button but with nothing to submit.  Anyone have any idea why this would occur?  Is this a bug?

I am attaching what the slide should look like via the iPad... but instead, the three images are missing.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Stephanie!

Are you viewing this course on iPad using HTML5 with Mobile Safari, or are you using the Articulate Mobile Player?

You may run into a few issues using the mobile Safari due to its limited resource allocation. Please make sure the device you are using meets the system requirements as well.

You could share the file or the slide here if you would like us to take a look and see if we can reproduce the issue.


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