Help in implementing the current "review mode" developed in Articulate Storyline 360

I need help!

We've developed a storyline 360 training such as custom (forward and backward) navigation buttons. During the training, we configure the buttons to do the proper unlocking and everything is working as it should, but by the time we finish the training and it is marked as completed in LMS I can not access the course in revision mode (ie with the forward and back buttons unlocked), kindly how can I implement this in training, as I need to find a solution and in the forum I found no implementable guidance.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Eadskill!

First, I would double check that each slide is set to 'Resume saved state'. You can find that setting in the Slide Properties. 

Then, be sure you set your resume behavior to 'Prompt to resume' in the Player Properties. 

Let me know if you're already using those two settings, and we'll go from there!

Developer EADskill

Hi Alyssa!

Thanks for the answer.

We use "Slide Properties" as "Reset to initial state", but we create a variable to indicate when the slide has already been finalized, releasing the navigation buttons. In "Resume behavior" we use "Prompt to resume".

Our problem is this: When we test our package on SCORM Cloud and our client's LMS, the course works normally, retrieves the status, and unlocks previously viewed slides. But when we "lock the registration" of this course in our client's LMS, after the trainee evaluates and is approved, the course resets everything, blocks the slides and the navigation buttons.

We have no idea what that might be. Can it be something related to some particularity of our client's LMS or is it something in our development process?

I'm waiting for any help.

Alyssa Gomez

Hello again!

Since everything works correctly in SCORM Cloud, it sounds like the problem could be due to a setting in your client's LMS. What LMS are you using? Perhaps another community member who uses the same one can chime in with their experience.

I'd also recommend reaching out to your LMS support team. They'll best know how to handle LMS-specific issues.