Help! Inserting a Storyline story into a Wiki

Can anyone help?  I am new to Storyline and just developed my first module.  I am working on my Masters in Instructional Design.  Our team needs to submit our final project (Storyline module) to our team Wiki next week.  I have no idea how to attach/embed it into Wiki.  Any ideas or suggestions?


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Jerson  Campos

Hi Kim,

First you need to find a place to host your storyline file somewhere on the internet.  Many people use Google Drive to host demo files. Here are some instructions. You need to place the entire folder you published. The file you want to link to is story.html.

I don' t know much about posting on Wiki, but you can just add the link to the file you copied above. This won't track results or users, but it will allow anyone to access it.