Help! Issues with my video file

I have created a course in storyline. As part of my course, I have created and inserted a video scene containing approximately 10 screen simulations captured in Peek and uploaded into Storyline as Video files. The audio was added to these simulations directly in Storyline 360. 

Last week, all the simulations & audio were working fine.  Today, I logged back into my file to find that the audio is still working, however the simulations are not.  Just a non moving screen shot displays.  I tried deleting all the screen simulations and re-adding these files again and this allowed me to view these once where both audio and simulation were working together, but once again, it has reverted to playing audio only. 

When the video is previewed separately in Storyline, the simulations are still working.

Does anyone have any suggestions/come across this before?

Thank you


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Renata! 

Interesting that you used Peek to record the videos. I always love hearing how folks are using Peek--it's one of my favorite Articulate 360 tools! Storyline also has a screen recording tool--check it out here. I wanted to share that with you, in case you hadn't yet tried that feature. :)

Would you mind sending over a copy of your file? I'd like to give it a test on my end. Thanks!

Renata Norton

Hi Alyssa

Thanks for your reply. I think the issue is fixed. It turned out I had a plug in disabled on my PPT. Selecting this seems to have fixed the issue.

I have used the recorder in Storyline however, because I'm recording the audio and screen shots separately (I find it too difficult to follow the script and navigate at the same time), using peek allows me to play back the audio and create the system simulations at the same time.  I don't think I can do this in Storyline together.  Is that right?