HELP!!! Layer problems with audio

Attached if my SL.  I'm having problems with slide 2.2.  

First, after I visit goal 1 the audio comes back.  I would like that after it visits all but the 4th goal.  How do I make that happen without change my states buttons?

Second, on the 2.2 layer.  If I click previous, then come back to the layer, it won't let me move forward.  

Please help.  My deadline is today. Thank you so much.


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Emily Ruby

Hello Kendra,

The audio on slide 2.2 does not replay when coming back from any of the goal buttons, once it is completed. If you want this to replay, you could set the audio to play on time line start if Goal 4 is not = visited.

Also from the Great layer, I clicked the previous button, but the previous slide does not have a next button, so using the menu to go back to the 2.2 slide, the layer does allow me to use the next button to move on.