Help layers not showing base layer?

Can anyone help, I am using Storyline 2 and when going back to a project any slide with layers is now not showing the base layer.

I have tried hiding then unhiding the objects on the base layer, I have unticked hide other layers (although I know this shouldn't affect the base layer) and anything else I can think off.

I have attached an example of a couple of slides to see if anyone knows of a solution.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Karen, and welcome to Heroes!

I took a look at your file, and I do see what you mean. It almost seems like there is a white shape behind the Text on the layers.

I did copy the base layer into a new slide, and then copied three layers over, and it is working as expected now.

I also tested this in a new clean file and it did not duplicate the behavior.

Please make sure that you are working locally as described here, and you may try importing the file into a new file as well to see if it works.

Attached is the file with the copied slide inserted.