Help me!!!

I can see a lecture like this

Articulate Storyline software that I used to do it that much because I usually do not just want to see results right or wrong, they must add a slide resutl .. Now I want to do is when my other video click sumbit button will show signs X (if wrong answers) and Mark V (if answered correctly) ... So can anyone guide me? Thank you

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dung and welcome to Heroes! 

I'm not sure I fully understand what you're looking to set up - but thought I'd point you towards a few items that may help you. 

If you're looking to track the overall quiz answers and have users see which ones they got right or wrong, you could include a results slide with a review option which would allow the users to go back through the course and see how they answered particular questions and which ones are the right answers.  

If you'd like to offer some additional indication during the review, you may want to customize it as described here. 

You could also create a state to indicate which is correct/incorrect on the slide itself. There is a tutorial here that deals with setting up states. 

If you need anything additional, please feel free to let us know!