HELP! Multiple language support is breaking my screen recording playback

I'm setting up a project to have multiple language support, including audio narration on most slides. I used the Layers Method illustrated here to trigger the slide layers containing localized text/narration throughout the course, defaulting to English but changing to Spanish, German, or Chinese based on student selections. Ideally, all images and animations would exist on the base layer to avoid redundancy in development.

Unfortunately, I'm running into a consistent problem that I'm hoping someone can fix: as soon as the slide slide layer is activated, all animation on the base layer stops. This is (annoyingly) circumvented on some slides if I move/duplicate anything that was animating on the base layer (like an image) into each language slide layer. However this can't be done when it comes to screen recordings, where the mouse and media MUST stay on the base layer. So what results is that my localized text and audio play as they should but the mouse movement and end-of-slide screen capture recording never do. Anyone know how to fix this?

Also, the slide length reflected in the seekbar playback doesn't reflect the individual slides' timeline. It seems to be driven by the master slide, which isn't great. I have a debugger nested there (so it appears on each project slide), but I don't want it to override slide length. Any help would be appreciated.

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