HELP! My course isn't showing properly.

Hi everyone,

Our course starts tomorrow morning and of course I run into technical difficulties. Everything was fine when I uploaded it last week, and let me say that most of the slides in the storyline are inserted Flash movies, we needed to make some revisions and I went through and re-inserted the fixed flash movies. I've published and reuploaded it to my LMS and now for some reason the slides I fixed are not showing! Does anyone have any advice??

Thank you,

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Charles Zoffuto


When you say the fixed sides are not showing, do you mean that they show but they are the previous "un-fixed" version or do you mean when you go to those fixed slides they are blank?

I am guessing you mean the prior, in which case I suggest you first clear your browser history/cache and try viewing the course. If you get the same results, then completely remove course files from your LMS before uploading the updated course files.

Hope this helps,