Help! My text is displaying in 'Alien' on the server

Lost in space!!!!!!!      I have a storyline project that works just fine and displays fine when I view it through the story.html  output.  However when it comes up on the server for my users part of  the text is all alien gibberish. The Title and text are the same font but some of the text is gibberish. 


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Jeannette Westbrook

The font that was used is Gill Sans MT.  Later in the file Calibri was used and did the same thing.  I can't share the original file, but I can certainly pull and post the first page of it.  Everything looks fine even when I launch from within the output folder, but it gets abducted once it is moved to the LMS server.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jeanette,

Just took a quick look. Preview is fine for me, as well. I published the slide to Articulate Online and viewed it in Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. The text is showing up for me perfectly in all three browsers. Can you take a look and tell me if you see the same thing in the browser you're using? You can find the published version here

Have you had a chance to try this single slide on your LMS? 

Thanks again,