Help needed: Button stays clicked

Dec 15, 2014

I am making a simple e-learning with just one slide. The user has to click the correct button. After the interaction I jump back to the same slide. But the slide remembers the last button clicked even when I say "reset to initial state".

How can I tell storyline not to remember the button click?

I tried jumping to another slide and then directly jump back. That works, but since I use a java script this solution is very slow.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Marcel

I published the story file - I am not seeing that behaviour or maybe I don't understand what you mean and I don't read music.

If I click the 'A' button and its not correct - I get the Not right layer with the answer and it takes me back to the slide and no button is selected. In the image below I have clicked the A button and returned C button and returned E button and returned and none of the actual A - G buttons stay selected.  Then I checked and you don't actually  have a Selected state on those buttons. So I guess you are talking about the logic rather than the physical state of the button?

Sorry I'm not going to be any help to you - also I didn't find that it ran slow at all.

Also did you know there was a SL 1 update 8 release -->  

Marcel Lendi

Hi Wendy,

I help you a little bit. I put a line in the storyline which tells you the correct note.

I appreciate your help. But I think I was not clear with my issue. It is not about the states of the buttons but the action.

What happens is that the variable Correct = false at the beginning of the slide. If you press the correct button Correct becomes true and you get the layer right. If not you get the layer wrong. 

What happens is that when you press the correct note

1. the layer "right" pop up.

2. It jumps back to the slide

3. The variable correct becomes false

4. The java calculates a new note

and now I want to stop to be able to press a button again. But storyline remembers there was a button click, sees the variable correct is false and gives the layer wrong. 


Wendy Farmer

Hi Marcel

This is first screen - when I select G I get the wrong answer layer

When I do the next one D is says wrong it was A....and even when I fluke it and get one right it stills says I am wrong...

I even added the other variables to the screen to try and work out when i could force it to be correct...but the correct never turned to true...


Wendy Farmer

Ok..try these triggers

On Right Layer:

  • Remove trigger -  jump to slide trigger 
  • Add Hide layer - this layer when correct changes if correct is equal to true (2nd trigger)

On Learning notes slide:

  • Add trigger Change state of A1 - A to disabled when correct changes if correct is equal to true (last trigger)
  • You will need the above trigger for all A1 - G1 buttons

Worked for me - once I got the correct answer returns to the slide and all buttons disabled


Marcel Lendi

Thanks Wendy for your thinking.

For the first round this works perfect. But... if I want to play the slide again, like adding a trigger jump to this slide when button A1/G1 is disabled it runs automatically again the wrong layer.

I think I give up and make to identical slides and jump from one to the other (see attachment). It is a bit ridiculous. Now it works, only a bit slower.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Marcel

see attached story file.  I am not sure if you have custom nav buttons to move from the Learning notes slide but I have added a trigger to jump to slide (next slide) when timeline ends if correct = true. 

Get to second slide and click button to jump to Learning notes slide - all buttons are enabled ready to go this what you mean?

Marcel Lendi

Hi Wendy,

Yes, that was also my workaround. To make an extra slide and after visiting this 2nd slide then I can go back. When you make the 2nd slide identical to the first you don't notice you have 2 slides. It would be eleganter though not to have this second slide, but it works.

Thanks for you thinking and time.

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