Help needed in implementing a checkbox based slide

Sep 27, 2013


I need help. I have attached the slide which is giving me problems.Here is what I want to do:

- When the user clicks on the checkbox (breadcrumb aktivieren) the breadcrumbs appear (works).

- When the user has clicked on both the breadcrumbs (found on layer "Menu 2.2" and "Menu 2.2 - link within page") the layer Finished should appear. For this, a trigger is used on the base slide (the trigger starts Show layer finished ...) (does not work).

- When I click on the checkbox again, it should be unchecked (works) and the breadcrumbs should disappear (does not work). To make the breadcrumbs disappear, the relevant triggers are present on the sub-layers. I added the following trigger: Change variable 25ShowBreadCrumb to false when state of Show Bread (the checkbox) is normal. However, this does not work.

If anyone could tell me how to get this slide to work, I would be very grateful.



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Michael Hinze

Hi, have a look at the attached file and see if that's what you wanted.

I changed a few things:

- added a toggle trigger to the check box that turns the breadcrumbs on/off

- move the page curl to the baselayer (to me that additional finish layer was not necessary)

- changed the order of the trigger on the breadcrumb hotspots, so that the T/F variables are set BEFORE the click variable is changed.

Unless I missed something, this should work now.

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