Help needed on Pick Many

Hello Experts,

I have set up a custom Pick Many interaction using states. Everything works fine except I've included a "Select All" choice as a kind of convenience.

The problem is that the first 5 choices actually comprise the correct answer but if you choose those 5, and not the Select All button, you get an "Incorrect" response though it actually is correct.

Users really are forced to use the Select All which is kind of intuitive after 3 tries, but I know my client is going to nick me on this.

Can someone help?

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Daniel Servan


Oval 6 should not be part of the Option as Pick Many.

See the attached updated file below.

I have also added a Toggle feature of Select All button.

For other Oval Options, you can do the same technique as Select all if you want to toggle the selections.

Hope this helps.

Note: For the Options, Grouping would be easy to control and fewer triggers