Help Needed - problem with delaying voice over and text box

Jan 29, 2015

Hi Team

Hope someone can help me. I am building a package on safe feeding procedures and am having trouble working out where i am going wrong with my triggers.

The third tab in from the right is about steps in safe feeding procedures. This layer begins with text and voice over. At the end of the voice over two buttons appear. The user is directed to view these buttons. The images/text associated with each button are built into the state for each button. There is also a rule that says when this button is selected play the specific voice file.

My problem is i would like to have additional text and voice play on conclusion of these buttons playing. Does anyone have any suggestions? So far i have tried separating the extra text and voice onto another layer but the auto show layer won’t work. I have also added rules that required the additional voice and text to play once the files have completed. And i even experimented with a pause/resume timeline... I’m stumped. :-)

Slide is attached... hope someone can help.


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Emily Ruby

Hello Rachael!

Would you be able to put the conclusion text/audio on a new slide and have this current slide set to not be able to jump to the next slide until all of the buttons have been viewed?

You could also add in a new layer with the conclusion slide. Then with your buttons, have a state change once their audio/text completes, and trigger the layer to show once both buttons are in that new state.

It may be easier to look at if you can share the source file, .story file.

Hassan Altaf Qazi

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