Help needed: Results Slides & "Reviewing Quiz" option

Hello all! Was hoping for some direction:

My modules contain "Knowledge Check" questions throughout that are scored with the final quizzes at the end of each module. Each has a final Results slide, and a "review quiz" button (default.) When this "review quiz" button is clicked, it will go back to the first KC in the module. HOWEVER, it will then continue on back through the remainder of the module instead of going directly to the next KC for review.  

Any thoughts?!

I was hoping there is a way to aggregate all of the KC & Quiz questions, the users answers, the correct answers, and the points for each into one "Results Review" slide....

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jennifer and welcome to Heroes!

The review button will bring you back to the start of the quiz and then continue throughout the course or module - if you'd like to only review the quiz slides, you may want to implement a method such as the one described here by Rebecca with the linked screenr video.

Hope that helps!