Help needed while using a trigger to display the solution once all object are dropped on a target (right or wrong)

Nov 14, 2014

In this drag and drop exercise, once a student has dropped all of the labels, I would like to display some feedback about the exercise.

I'm able to display some feedback once they get the correct solution but not if some of the labels are not in the right position.

I have attached the story file to this post.

All the help you can provide is greatly appreciated!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Solange,

Currently you only have a trigger to change the state of your "all correct" shape when the state of all the items are dropped correct - so that's the behavior I would expect right now. If you're looking to share feedback regardless of how the user answers, have you looked at customizing the built in feedback layers as those will show automatically based on how the user answers? That's probably the easiest set up since it looks like you want to provide some feedback based on what they got wrong/right. The built in feedback layers have a continue button which would allow the user to try again and on a drag and drop the elements aren't returned to their initial starting point. 


Solange Richard

I want to display some feedback only once all the labels have been placed.  But I want to provide the feedback directly, no submit button!
Just like I did for when all the labels are placed correctly.

What I need is a trigger to identify when all the labels have been placed.  It should be easy but... looks like I can't figure it out!  None that I try is working (and I tried a ton so far!).

I was expecting that the trigger that says

  • Change state of
  • Caption 2 - "some wrong"
  • to state Normal
  • when State
  • On All of
  • drag1, drag2 ... dragx
  • Are not: normal  (since the state would be Drop Correct or Drop Incorrect)

Would work but it's not.screencapture of trigger

How can I trigger an event once all the label are placed?

For now I gave up.  And did it differently but I'm not very happy with it.

  • I show feedback when all are correct
  • I provide a button that student can click after 30 seconds to see the solution (instead of showing the solution directly when all the labels are place or making a "View Solution" button when all the labels are placed)

I'm still puzzled that there is no trigger (that  I can find ) to identify that all the labels are dropped!



Dave Moxon

Hi Solange,  your second testAllPlacedTrigger.story isn't working for me either. Incidentally,

I had exactly the same request as you ie. to make a drag and drop submit automatically, when all the drag options had been placed, whether correctly or not.  

I would also agree that setting a trigger to submit when the states of ALL the draggable shapes are not normal (since they would be either drop correct or drop incorrect) should work but doesn't. The logic seems nonetheless simple.  

In fact, I assumed this was a bug and if I change ALL to NONE OF or ANY, I get the same results which reinforces the idea that there might be a bug. I have of course unchecked the option to delay item drop states until interaction is submitted. 

Thinking this might be something to do with submitting an interaction, I set up a variable to change from false to true when the states of three draggable shapes were no longer normal and again there is no impact (on the variable this time).

I tried 'Adjust variable DONE to TRUEwhen state ALL OF of RECTANGLE 1, RECTANGLE 2, RECTANGLE 3 are not NORMAL'    (this just keeps the value FALSE)

and also

'Adjust variable DONE when state NONE OF of RECTANGLE 1, RECTANGLE 2, RECTANGLE 3 are  NORMAL'  (this just keeps the value TRUE)

(The three rectangles have normal, drop correct and drop incorrect states)

Is this really a bug or are we missing something?


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