Help Needed with Graded Quizzing

Sep 29, 2013


I'm trying to create graded questions in one of the courses that I am creating. Effectively, the slide is supposed to show various inputs to a learner. These inputs will form the basis of calculating answers. The learner is supposed to enter two answers.

I've attached a screenshot as an example.

Now, a learner is supposed to look at the table with the daily maintenance rate, fluid deficit and ongoing losses from before, and calculate the total fluid requirement and hourly administration rate for each one.  They need to round to the nearest decimal place for the hourly rate.

For instance, for the first table option (22kg border collie), the learner is supposed to enter two answers - 2772mLs/24hrs and 115.5mL/hr.

This will be graded. I am just wondering how is this doable. If I go to a standard Quiz Template option, I get an option to enter a single answer for a question.

Immediate help needed.

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Vipul Sachdeva

Ashley Terwilliger said:

Hi Vipul,

Would it work for you to create multiple "fill in the blank" questions on one page? You'll see a method described here that would allow you to set up something similar using a freeform question. 

Hello Ashley,

Thank you, for the positive response. I'll try this. One query - Will these be graded and tracked back to LMS?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Vipul,

As you'll see in Jeanette's set up, there are still correct/incorrect feedback layers to track if the user answers it correctly or not based on the variables. As long as you have a results slide set up to track this question it can be included within the grade reported back to your LMS. Since there is only one correct set of answers you don't need to see their responses though, correct? It's possible, but just involves a bit more in terms of setting it up with variables. 

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