Help Needed with Variables in Disabling the Next Button

I am a new Storyline user and have read and followed all of the tutorials on disabling the next button until my various buttons have been selected and thought I had this right, but apparently not.  I created a layer to show when the condition has not been met however, when I preview the slide, the layer pops up even without hitting the next button.  How do I correct this so it is only showing WHEN the next button is selected without completing the sequence?  I've copied in my triggers below.

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Angie,

Without seeing your slilde, it's hard to say for sure. But two things come to mind

Trigger order can be you might try switching the triggers around.

Also, have you set up a condition for the opposite "condition". So, jump to the next slide when user clicks next if Slide6Complete=True.

Kevin Thorn

Hi Angie and welcome to the Forums!

Rebecca is right on all points. First, hard to tell without seeing the slide. If you're capable of sharing, that would help.

If not, keep in mind any trigger that navigates away from where the user currently is such as a layer or slide, any triggers tied to that same action that adjusts a variable needs to be on "top of the stack" of triggers for that button.

Your issue with the Layer showing prior to clicking though seems odd. Do you have any other triggers that show the Layer other than the screen grab you shared. There may be a conflict of interest. 

Angie Neumann

Rebecca and Kevin, I honestly had not thought about the trigger order itself so this certainly could be part of my issue.  I will try that and see what happens.  Kevin, this is the only trigger for that layer.

Bill, I have not used the variable text field before but am going to try it out immediately!

Having this forum is a blessing for a newbie.  Thanks to all and I will let you know if this works!