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Becky Nield

And so what I determined is that I have it set properly (properties for upon revisit, set to initial state), but every time I upload a new scorm package to the LMS, the user still has to view the slide in total before this property works even after they have viewed the entire lesson.  Any way around that?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Becky,

When a learner resumes an existing course, if you've enabled the Resume prompt they should be brought back to the slide they left off on. 

Also, that slide will return to the start as there isn't a way for Storyline to know at what point in the slide timeline they left. Previously visited slides should resume their saved state. 

You could look at restricting navigation on the first attempt through, and once they've completed it, that would allow the learner to navigate freely.

Lastly, if you're uploading new copies of your SCORM course to your LMS, that may overwrite or wipe out learners resume data so they'd have to start anew.