Help on Simulation Try mode

I am having a terrible time editing in the try mode of Storyline

Here is a short video on my Storyline issues,

I did a search for help on using Action Fine Tuning and found a couple of videos, but I need more help than they provided.

Anything additional that I should be looking at?

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Mark Dawdy

Richard - I realize this was over a year ago and I am assuming (I know, don't ever assume) that you have found your answer by now.

But, just in case, anyone else views this in the future, I will respond.

It's important to know what you are trying to accomplish?  You have video demos, but do you want for the learner to "try it" themselves, to gain some practice?

One thing I noticed on the "try" video that's causing problems you typed in "c6" instead of the "C6" as shown in the instructions of what to do - the blue caption.

In most simulations, it matters what is typed in. You can change or add to the answers in the Question view/properties.  For example, you could add as an acceptable answer "C6," "c6," etc.

You would have to also set the properties for a "wrong" answer.  It looked like the current settings were the default, so, unless you change the number of "attempts allowed" and/or wrong answer, you won't get a response to when you typed in the wrong answer.

Something important to note, it is necessary to plan out exactly what you want done to know the best approach to help the learners.  In other words, I could help you if I knew what you wanted to accomplish.

Sometimes the best solution isn't always the most obvious.

Hope this helps,


Christie Pollick

Hi, Mark -- Many thanks for sharing your input and advice here, and just in case you wanted to ensure that Richard receives your response (in case he's no longer subscribed to the thread), you would be welcome to reach out to him using the 'Contact Me' link on his profile page. Otherwise, I am sure others who come across this thread will benefit from your ideas! :)