HELP: One button manipulation on having one or more objects in a state method - Storyline 2

Say for example I have a triangle button and a static text object.


> text text text text

Now every time i press triangle button the static text object would change it's font size and simultaneously the triangle button would also enlarge.

How do i do that in 1 state? Overriding objects.

I tried all i can do i need your help.

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Emily Ruby

Hi Josef!

One way to do this, if your triangle button and text box are 2 separate objects, is to create  larger version of each (the button and text box with font change), then have those set to hidden, and have them change to Normal when clicking the button (also have the initial button/text box change to hidden at the same time)

Also, you could group the button and text box together, right click and save as picture. Then insert the picture, and add states with it in a larger state.

See attached. 

I am sure others will jump in with additional ideas.