Help Please! Captions Triggered by Variable Overlapping Sometimes

Hi, I am working on a big project and have been using the method for closed captions shared by Tracy Carroll for the eLearning Challenge #129. In it, a layer displaying the caption is triggered when the user clicks on the image and the captions are controlled by variables set to change when the timeline reaches cue points. See the screenshot below. 

It's working great except for some slides some of the time, for two of maybe ten people who have reviewed the modules so far. And I can't figure out what's the cause, so wondering if someone might have any ideas.

The problem is that the captions overlay each other as shown below. Both people said they were using Google Chrome. At first we thought it happened only from jumping around between slides too quickly but the second person says she wasn't doing that. And again, it only happens sporadically. 

Anyone have any ideas?


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Susi B

Hi Laurie,

I haven´t worked with cc yet and without taking a look into your storyline file I can only guess whats happening there.

All captions are on one layer shown only when the user clicks on cc right? I don´t see if you are hiding e.g. caption #1 when caption #2 should be shown and if all captions are on the same layer, this could be causing this issue. Could you share maybe one not working slide with us?