Help please. Christmas game - variables; points and drag and drop.

HI. I'm not that experienced with Storyline (V3). 

I thought I'd practice by making a Christmas quiz. The way it works (I'd hoped), is that when a question is answered correctly, it reveals a xmas decoration, which is then dragged onto the xmas tree. The way it's set up is that the tree, with the drag and drop, and the questions need to be on one slide - with the questions on different layers. The problem I'm having is how to get the user to go to the next question where they get any questions wrong. Not as straightforward as it sounds (I don't think) because of the way it's set up with a variable score, triggering the xmas decorations, which are then dropped onto the tree. 

If one of you clever people out there can help me with this it would be great! I'm attaching the Storyline file so you can see in more detail what I'm doing and see if you can figure it out. There's also an extra slide with more info on.


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N barnes

HI. Sorry but I don't understand how that would work (maybe down to my limited knowledge). My understanding of 'Resume saved state' is it is set for a slide, so if someone REVISITS that slide it remembers where it was. I can't set the tree (which is an image with a drop/target shape on it) to resume saved state.

Math Notermans

Correct and meaningfull naming of any elements, layers is important. Especially when asking for help, it is. If i am not mistaken the slideLayers Q3 to Q8 are all bonusQuestions... right?

If at start you name them bonusQ3 .. bonusQ8 makes it easier to comprehend for others..

mmm..what and when bonusQuestions appear and when not is a puzzle for me as is...

Math Notermans

Answer to your problem with the 'False' answers not showing the correct Bauble is quite easy.
Do not use the score variable for the baubles. Add a new variable 'baubleNum' that gets set on a correct and false feedback. If there needs to be a difference in baubles you can easily get that working that way.

Phil Mayor

To get this right in my head.

You have a Christmas tree that users will be able to add decorations to if they answer questions correctly?

The decoration will appear and they drag it onto the tree and then answer another question?

Is that all correct?

If So I would have one slide with the tree on and lots of decoration set to hidden based off of variable values this slide would be set to resume saved state.

I then build a question slide that branches back to the tree slide if it is correct and on correct layers sets variable (decoration1) to true

On branching back decoration1 being true sets a decoration to normal, the slide is a freeform drag and drop so user can drag shape onto tree and then a layer shows to branch them onto another question slide.

Would that work? It would make what you are trying to build much easier, you can duplicate question slides and mange it better.


N barnes

Hi Math. The file I attached is not the complete quiz; the bonus was added just to Q2 to check I could get it working correctly with the variable - these are not things I've done before. But yes, all layers, objects etc would all be named ( I think most are already). However, the real issue here is, if using separate slides for each question, how would I get the bauble drag and drop continuing over a number of different slides? If you preview what I sent, you'll see that a bauble shows when the question has been answered correct (and 1pt is awarded).  You then drag and drop the bauble to the tree - the tree and it's background is an image, with a shape on top for the drop zone. How could you you keep this drag and dropped bauble from one slide to another? 

Just to re-iterate. The issue is with the continuation of the drag and drop activity - with the already dropped baubles showing. If every question was answered 'correct' it would be straightforward; the complication is allowing for an incorrect answer. 


N barnes

Hi Phil. Thanks for trying to help.

I've tried to follow what you said but I can't get it to work. If anything it's worse now as I can't get a decoration (bauble) to appear at all now. 

If you have the time I've attached the current working file where I've got the tree and (hidden) baubles on one slide and first 3 example questions on their own slides. If you can see anything obvious I'd appreciate your input. I have tried setting a True/False variable, but I must be doing something wrong. 


Math Notermans

Not today on that one ;-) Maybe tomorrow... will see.

Got a working version for you however.
Using variables for sure is key to getting this to work...

Quick explanation...
A normal drag and drop. Hiding the other elements by using red shapes. I dislike the 'hidden' state of Storyline, thats a personal thing. I see a lot of time people struggling with the default states so i prefer custom ones. If you see a post...'My State isnot working'... 99% of the times its because the default states behave differently then people think. And get reset...

Added triggers on the Questionlayers adding +1 when correct
Showing the next Questionlayer when false

My wife just had a great a broken bauble when a user answers wrong :-)

More triggers on a change of variables hiding the red can use states instead.

On start of the timeline showing the first Questionlayer and the red shapes...thus hiding all baubles except 1.

And finally each bauble offcourse needs a trigger showing the next Questionlayer when dropped.

I do see some small things that could be improved, but it works like this.

Kind regards,

Phil Mayor

This may work.

Your trigger on the tree was set to when variable changes instead of timeline starts (as the variable does not change on that slide).

I changed the questions to use the pick one format so it is easier for you in the long=-term as you don't need to keep changing the triggers. I added in a slight fade transition of 0.5 seconds between slides to ease the transition. Alsop added in some animations on true and false layers. As I said it seems to work well.

N barnes

Hi Phil. 

Thanks very much for the work on this. I can see what you have done and pretty much see how it works, but if you wouldn't mind, to help my learning/understanding could you explain something.

I'm curious as to why you are pausing the timeline on the incorrect/correct layers; what does this achieve? Why pause the timeline, then use the Continue button to resume timeline, then have the trigger of when timeline finishes to go to the next slide (the tree). Why not just have the continue button going to the tree?

Similar question on the Tree slide. Why have the dropping of the bauble show a layer, then that layer jumps to the next question when timeline of that layer ends? Why not have the drop of the bauble go to the next question?  

Obviously I'm not being critical as I didn't know how to get this to work in the first place. I'm just keen to understand how to do things and understand why for future.