Help please! Drag and Drop

Hi there,

If someone could help fix my drag and drop I would appreaciate it.  In the attached file under slide 1.7, I want to be enable the user to drag the stethoscope to the red X's on the human body. I want a different layer to show up when they drag the stethoscope to each red X.

Is this possible?


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Amy

that's looks like what is happening now on slide 1.7.  I added a shape on one layer to say LEFT and another shape on the other layer to say right.

When I drag the stethoscope onto the left side (looking at) the layer LEFT displays, and when I drag and drop the stethoscope onto the right side the later RIGHT displays.

The left trigger you have is a 'drags shape over'.  The right trigger you have is a 'drops shape on'...maybe you are trying to do one or the otherDrag triggers

Stephanie Harnett

Hi Amy. As Wendy pointed out there are inconsistencies in the drag behavior and when I set both to dragged over it worked as expected (after I also hid the base layer text on 'untitled layer 1 - copy' so I could see that layer's text properly). So this is working fine. You just need to add two red X's underneath the existing hotspots and you're good to go.