Help please, percentage complete per scene displayed on main slide?

Sep 10, 2020


I would like to use the percentage complete feature per scene and have it referenced on the primary slide as well. How can I do the latter portion? I figured out how to make the percentage complete work for a scene, but I can't figure how to reflect that percentage on the main menu slide for each scene (and the overall project). 


Thank You!

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Judy Nollet

Hmm. From what I can tell in your file, the "Scene.Progress" variable is tracking which slide you're on in a given scene. 

That same variable is used within all scenes, so it changes based on which scene you're in. That means if you want the primary slide (aka scene 1) to show progress from another scene, you'd need to create a separate variable for each scene. On each slide in the other scenes, you'd need a trigger to adjust that tracking variable to the current value of the Scene.Progress variable. Then that custom variable would only update when the user reaches a certain slide. And the custom variable would keep that value even if they jumped back to the primary slide.

Unfortunately, when I try to add such a trigger, the Trigger Wizard doesn't give me the option to use the Scene.Progress variable's value. I don't know if that's because I just have Storyline 3 (which doesn't include slide-counting functionality), or if the program simply doesn't want to allow such access. 

All I can say is this: try what I suggest above. If that doesn't work, perhaps someone else will be able to help. 

Good luck!

Judy Nollet

Just a thought: Before you go to the trouble of doing it from scratch, consider how useful it will really be to show percentage-complete for each scene on the primary slide.

Does it seem likely that people will only go part way through a scene, jump back to the primary slide, go part way through another scene, jump back, and so on?  

And do they really need to see exactly how far they got in a partially-completed scene?

It might be fine (and would certainly be easier programming) to simply have the primary slide indicate whether each scene is not yet started, in progress, or complete. 

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