Help Please! SL2: Showing a layer after an object has completed its motion path to a certain point?

Hi All!

This might be a real easy fix but I'm stumped! As you can see from the screenshot below I'm trying to build a motion game with button triggers. The man moves around the screen on motion paths, "visiting" parts of the office.

I would like a layer to show when the man reaches each of the hotspot areas. I can see a "when hovered" over action but nothing that else?

Any ideas are very much appreciated!


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Philip Street

Thanks for the reply Wendy however I'm trying to add a game element. So the learner could get to the object via clicking (LEFT,LEFT,UP) or (UP,UP,DOWN) etc. Therefore I only want the layer when they get to the hotspot, regardless of which animation paths they took to get their?

Is this even possible?!

Phil Mayor

I would say the only way to do this is to create an x and y variable and increment this each time the user clicks up/down left/right you can then show the values by using references.  Move the object to each part of the office.  Note the reference values and then set up a trigger to show the layer on condition your x,y value is equal to the values you noted down.