HELP!! Printing the course

Hi All,

I have created an e-Learning module and my SME (Subject Matter Expert) would like to print the full course off to review the content etc.  Is there a way in which this can be done, ensuring all the slides are printed in the way the end user will see them?

My SME would like to view all the slides and the content prior to sign off and finds it easier to review in paper form and write down any changes etc.

I really would appreciate any help you could give me on this.

I do not need the course to be available to print for the learner, this is just whilst we are in the design process and before we get full sign off from SMEs and stakeholders and upload this to our LMS.

Many Thanks in advance


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Jill McNair

Hi Michelle,

You can publish to Word...this will produce a Word document with screenshots.  Check the boxes if you want to include the Notes section and the layers.  This works really well...the only time it is a little confusing to look at is when you have used the timeline to gradually reveal content because the screenshots will show everything on the slide.

You can even preview the document and edit it if you need to....and then the client can add their edits/questions right in the document.

In case you are looking for the output, it is added to your project output folder with all the other output files.  Try it and see if that will work for you.

Hope it helps!