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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Kellie, welcome to Heroes! You came to the right place. 😁

So sorry that's happening to your learners. I can try and help you sort this out, and I have a few questions to start:

  • Is the published content hosted on a learning management system?
  • Have you been able to recreate the issue in your own testing?
  • Is this happening with all of your courses published with Storyline 3, or just one in particular?
Kellie Shields

Hi Alyssa

Thanks so much for coming back to me.  Our courses are hosted on a moodle site.  We cant recreate the issues on our own testing which is slightly frustrating and neither can our developer or IT contact who helps us host our moodle.  

The customer service team tell me it has been happening on all the courses we have recently republished on Storyline 3 (approx 6 with different content).  I know the courses were being published only in HTML5.

I hope you can help



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kellie,

It's definitely frustrating when you or your team also can't recreate it, as that makes it even harder to track down! 

Do you know if the learners are on the latest versions of Chrome, IE and Edge? 

When you republished the courses, did you upload them as new courses or were you overwriting previous courses? I may suggest having the users test the course links in a private/incognito browsing session to confirm that they're accessing the latest one. If that one works, you could advise everyone to clear out the cache associated with your Moodle site.