HELP - Problems with Moodle


We have develop a course for a client that uses Moodle. For must users it works fine but we are having some troubles.

The course has two sco - the course and the evaluation. The evaluation has 3 tries; the user can do them all in a row or not. The client reported that some users had this difficulty on the evaluation sco: after closing the content the LMS does not record score and bookmarks anymore. The LMS always opens were it was closes the 1st time.

We have tested it in 2 diferent LMS and also on SCORM Cloud:/EngineWebServices/ttextensions?logId=097bb0e7-4265-4a8c-97c0-9557b801dd30

We were not able to replicate the error. The client's LMS provider says the problem is with the content. Does anyone had this problem?



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Graham Fox

Were they able to tell you if there was a browser correlation? Can you force them to always close the session by clicking a persistent "Exit" button? I've found Moodle works best if you give it the "exit" button and try to not let users randomly click the close button.

What version of Moodle are they using? The newest version 2.4.x works best with SCORM content.

Some random thoughts. Good luck!