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Feb 08, 2017

Hello - I am new in a role and my predecessor authored strictly in Captivate.  I have been successfully editing and re-uploaded his updated content to our dept webpage.  I recently created a new course using Storyline and went to publish to our website but found I can only upload at a root level.  It will not allow me to load the Storyline published content subfolders or the autorun.ini file.   Please advise... is there a compressed version of the published files that can be loaded at one level? I have included an image of the difference between my Captivate published source files and my Storyline files.  

Thanks ~ Sandi

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Sandra Vasquez

Hello Michael, thanks for catching that.  Unfortunately i republished and the issue appears to be a restriction of the Drupal server I have access to... Follow up with my IT dept is needed now.  Poop.  Dont want to have to recreate the whole thing in Captivate... but i may need to... oh well.  

Anyone know of an easy way to convert storyline to captivate?

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