Help! Radio Button saving selected state after choosing the other radio button

May 19, 2018

(Ugh, deleted the last post when I tried to delete the incorrect attachment)


I'm not sure how to describe this problem, but I am creating a table with rows of two radio buttons per row. The goal is for the learner to check off on the checklist if something is OK or needs to be FIXed. But when I click OK first, then click Fix instead, Storyline seems to keep the "Selected" state for the OK radio button selection even though it displays as unselected. I've attached the story file.

Row 1 - I first clicked in the OK column, then clicked Fix.

Row 2 - I only clicked OK.



Row 1 shows both answers because I selected OK then Fix.

Row 2 shows the correct answer because I only selected OK.


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Content Developer

It's behaving as expected: you are switching the state of the "1FixYou" and "1OkYou" text boxes to "normal" when you select the items on the main layer, but there is no trigger to turn them back to the "hidden" state when the selection on the main layer changes. Try checking the user's selection at the start of the feedback layer, and use conditions.

I attached your revised story with my solution, let me know if this makes sense ;D

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