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Bret Jorgensen

Hello Shraban,

I couldn't find any ESL specific templates that I would recommend, but I did find some interesting ideas from other ELH users that you could use to get started. 

  • Some sort of "Amazing Race" type thing set in an American city. Where the learners will have to interact with various folks and choose the responses/questions with the proper grammar in order to move through the tasks.
  • How about a story-based scenario where the learners have a friend/family member join them here in the US and they have to help them navigate through typical situations they once faced. Use of proper grammar let's them build relationships faster, save money, open opportunities, etc just as being well spoken in general does in real life.
  • Tellers and customers at a bank: Vocabulary is taught/learned before the actual scenario takes place. Topics could include making deposits and withdrawals. Also writing checks and balancing a checkbook.
  • Applying for loans: The Interviewer and Interviewee for a job. Again, vocabulary for the "pre-teaching". Topics can include how to dress, when to arrive, demeanor, what to bring along, etc.
  • Librarian and patron at a library: Pre-teaching vocabulary and then the interactions which could include needing reference information, locating a book, accessing computers.


If you are able to find or create a ESL template or sample, please consider sharing it with the you fellow E-Learning Hero's via the community. 

Hope this helps.

Ridvan  Saglam

Hi Shraban,

I create games abd courses for Esl, here is the link for my community portfolio; https://community.articulate.com/users/RidvanSaglam

You might also want to have a look at my blog to find more games and some other useful stuff for language learners; https://englishinlife.wordpress.com/online-activities/