HELP! Results slide shows field codes, not results!

I have two nearly identical quizzes that need to be delivered tomorrow. We made changes to the results slide on one so I imported it into the other to save time. I should have known better from using Quizmaker, but I wasn't thinking about it so when I ran the quiz, instead of getting the results, I see the field codes on the slide. At the time I imported, the trigger said "unassigned" so I entered the results slide as the target, thinking that would be enough. It looked fine but obviously was not. So I don't know what else to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Nancy Roderick

When I do that, I can't lift those codes from that slide and move to another, right, or the same thing would happen? I need to lift everything else and copy to the slide? There is a lot of interactivity on the slide and the look needs to be totally different. I just found this out and haven't even checked the review quiz button. I thought it would be wrong as well but it functions fine as does the printed report.  

Nancy Roderick

Thanks so much for your quick reply. I remember now that when I had a new quizbank and want the formatted result slide, I select everything on the template result slide and deselect those codes. Then I removed everything from the results slide except the codes and paste the copied items onto the new results slide.  I had totally forgotten I needed to do that. The difference here is I may need to remember to change the interaction pointers.