HELP!! Storyline 2 Quiz settings!

Hi everyone!

So we have transferred a course from Articulate into Storyline, and it's a compliance course that we need to track users and answers. So when the course is running, when you get to the quiz part, users can click on the side panel and choose the question they want to answer and skip some too. This is not what we want! In Articulate Quizmaker you couldn't skip questions and when you answered it you would automatically go to the next question. How do I achieve this in Storyline? This is very urgent because we need to be compliant. Any help is highly appreciated!!

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Emily Ruby

Hello Patty!

Welcome to the community! Are you referring to the Menu in the Player where they can select the slides to move to? If so, you can set the menu to be restricted, or locked,  which would not allow them to jump from slide to slide. You could also remove the menu from the quiz slides themselves under the slide properties: