HELP: Timing is different preview by slide or by whole project

Aug 30, 2013

I've been having issues with my timing all along--the waveform doesn't match the narration that I hear, for example, so it's hard to time animations without trial and error by going back and forth with the preview. Tech support's best guess was it has something to do with my computer's CPU, and it's getting overloaded, but I have just about everything else closed on my computer when I work in articulate and it still does it. 

Now I'm getting different timing between when I preview a slide and when I preview the entire project... as you can imagine this is making it almost impossible to get anything finished. 

I imagine one of the excellent Articulate staff will direct me to fill out another tech support ticket, and I image they won't be able to help me again (thanks for trying, fellas). I was really wondering if anyone else has ever experienced this and what did you do to fix it?

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Katie Venit

I took a screenr to show the problems I'm having. Please excuse the gravely voice, I've been sick and I did this first thing in the morning. I show the different behavior for when entire slides are previewed, when individual slides are previewed, when it's viewed on the edit slide view (how the audio is different from the waveform). I also discovered that the timing is different in preview mode if I use the seekbar to jump ahead to where the animations happen. It's also different when I use the seekbar to go back and forth a few times to watch the same animation over and over.

Can anyone help me here?

Adrian Dean

Hi Katie,

I'm sorry to hear about your continuing issues. I took a look at your Screenr, but didn't hear any audio whatsoever. As for the issue, following these instructions can't hurt. For most issues, they will usually resolve things of this nature. Please let me know how it goes and whether your timing issues are resolved.

Always Happy to Help,


Katie Venit

Adrian (or someone else),

I know this is a few months later, but as it turns out the repair did not fix all the problems. On the slide design view, I'm still having issues where the waveform does not match the audio playback. I tried doing a screenr again:   You can most easily see that the audio finishes faster than the waveform does at the end of the slide: it's a couple seconds off. This makes it difficult to time animations without going back and forth on the preview screen, especially on longer slides than this (there have also been times I've noticed the two being much farther apart, but this is the one that I could show you). 

I did all the steps in the instructions that you posted, including uninstalling and reinstalling flash. Is there something else I might try?

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