Instructional designer wanted in Australia for teaching modules in Storyline 2

Hello I am looking for an Instructional designer  who is familiar with Storyline 2 to develop  4-5 teaching modules  that need to be taken to completion  - The instructional designer has  been delaying finishing my work due to her increased business and I need to have these finished by  June 15 2016


As these are teaching modules for medical people - I am needing someone who is able to set up learners questions ( these have all been written they just need to be functional and placed ) and need to be inserted into the modules

These must be developed so they are SCORM compliant

and someone who is also good at video and narration editing

A quick turnaround is what I am looking for




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Dianne Hope

Hi Julie

I am currently between projects and may be able to help you out here for a quick turn-around for your project.  I am experienced in Articulate Storyline 2, working on content others have started to develop, setting up learner questions, and video and narration editing.  You can contact me at and view my e-Portfolio here:

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Julie,

There is another forum thread here where users have shared information in terms of their Freelance set up. You could reach out to those users who  have mentioned their status as a freelancer and reach out to them directly using the "contact me" button on their profile. 

Best of luck with your project! 

julie williams

Hi Luke I have found someone for the Storyline part of the work

However My plan is to add more learning and just more engagement to the initial offering of the teaching modules

my plan is to do some animation on the current  content to give it more punch and connect with a potential purchaser of my product

So can I check where are you located and how would I keep track of my intellectual property


Luke ODonnell

Hi Jullie,

I am in Toowoomba QLD but I may be heading over to New Zealand soon.

I use a project page that has a Kanban connection and a calender/Gantt that will give you an at a glance idea of where the product is up to. I can password protect a version of this page to allow only those that I want to see the project and the progress data. Also on that page is a moxtra account that allows for file sharing and messaging. I use this to discuss projects with remote clients.

It works for most people but if you have something better I'll work with you.



julie williams

Hi Luke
just on our emailing is this only viewable by you ( its not going into
Linkedin)?? as I do not use linkedin and not sure of the set up there
Thanks for the assurance of protection
What in your tool bag do you have for being able to show in a human body
changes in joint movements of say 10 degrees up to180 degrees?
something like in xbox the kinect ???

Kind Regards,
Julie Williams

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Julie,

It's visible here in the E-Learning Heroes community forums - so if you'd prefer to not have that set up, you can look at deleting the post as the original author and you could also message users directly within our forums using the "contact me" button on their profile as that will go to the email that they have registered in the E-Learning Heroes community.