Help using Motion Path that moves according to Number Value Variable

Hello All!

Hopefully this makes sense what I'm trying to do. I attached my file below as well. I have an interaction where learners stack boxes and when they do, an arrow goes up showing that the risk factor grows when you add more risky behavior together. I want the arrow to also lower when users drag the boxes back off of the stack. I was able to do both of these things by using a number variable (Add 1 to Variable when user drops item on box) Move arrow on motion path when value=1, etc.) But I was only able to accomplish it in a convoluted way that only works if the user does everything in a precise order (Im guessing most wont!) Does anyone know of a good way to accomplish this goal?

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Donna Morvan

Hello Desiree,

I played around with this and it's a little bit tricky with the Numeric Variables! I didn't have much success with the motion path but I did try it with states and this is what I came up with.

It doesn't quite have that "motion path" effect where it's moving up but it works.

Hope this helps.