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I have created an exercise using variables (phase1, phase2 and phase3) the user must choose from a set of possibilities. The state of the shapes changes accordingly to users choice.

Everything was working just fine. I exported an word document so that the client would review the text. After importing it, this exercise doesn't work. I redid the triggers, the shape... and no matter what I do, this doesn't work!!!

What i'm missing....?????


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ana,

First - thanks for sharing the file! I really like the way you set up this timeline. Nice job :)

Second, sorry for the trouble. I did take a look at what's happening. On my end, phase 1 and phase 2 seemed to work properly. Phase 3, however, would not. 

I have to say, the variable values that you're setting here may be causing the trouble. For example, I just modified the value for phase 3 - the state and sounds are now playing properly for me. I removed the long value and replaced it with a shorter value with no punctuation or spaces; "DPWorldsglobalambitionsledtoastrategy". To be honest, this would be even easier with a True/False variable. However, if you would prefer to use a text entry, this shorter version seems to work best. 

Here's the published version:

Testing for Ana

Can you take a look and let me know if that's working on your end as well?

I've also attached the modified version, just in case you want to take a look.


Ana Victória

Hi Cristine,

Thanks so much. that was it. The client changed the text for that phase and I guess it was too long.

So I played with the states and that variable. I changed the correct state do include the exact answer and not the reference to the variable. This way, in my trigers I could just turn the variable phase3 to "correct".

It worked .

Once again, thanks.