Help - Video Appears Corrupt after Published

 I have created a training project where the learner clicks on buttons to learn various tasks. When the learner clicks on the button, they are directed to a video. When I preview the project, the videos all run as normal. However, after I publish the project, the videos appear to be corrupt (screenshot below). This is a video that I created using Storyline (not a 3rd party video). Is there anyway I can fix the video or will it need to be re-recorded?

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Rochelle Gatton

I ended up submitting a ticket for this and I was told that Articulate does not support the IE9 web browser. Turns out that is the web browser that I use which is why I couldn't view the video. My company primarily recommends that our users use IE and most of them use IE9. I was wondering if you will be adding support for IE9 in the future, and if so, do you have an estimated date?