Help - Wellness Program via Storyline...doable?

Hi guys, 

Our company has a wellness program, but not many people participate in it. As a company we recently purchased Storyline and I was wondering if there was some way through an LMS/Storyline that I could implement a wellness theme/challenge and track it to make it more fun and enticing.

I would have to create a theme, then be able to track progress through the entirety of the wellness "challenge".

Before I dive in to actually creating substantive material for it, I was wondering if any of you have done this or think it will work and become effective?

I'd love to hear your thoughts or comments! 



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Saenna B Ahman

hi ryan, that sounds like a really cool way to use SToryline - i think you will find that there is almost no end to the creativity you can pull off with this tool! I would start by asking yourself some basic questions and then maybe the community can offer ideas and suggestions for how to build what you have in mind.

  • What do you want your wellness program to accomplish? 
  • what kind of incentive or reward is there for people to participate?
  • when you say "I would have to create a theme," are you talking abou thte visual design? or something else?
  • why are people not participating in the current program (i.e. maybe there's some kind of road block that isn't training related, and yhou would want to address that first)