Help! What is the best quality for images for backgrounds in standard Storyline 2?

Hello! I have been searching on the forums and I found answers regarding it is best practice to resize your images before importing into Storyline. My question for you....

I am using standard size of 720 X 540.  I downloaded and used a background image of 854 x 561 px (72 dpi)for a background on a slide.  I imported directly into Storyline 2.  When I published and tested my file (see link below), the background is blurry.  What am I doing wrong?  I am not a graphic designer. I am using Chrome to view as that is what the browser the end product will run on. Am I over thinking this? 

Would it have been better if I did a larger size like  1690 x 1111 px (300 dpi) and then resized to the 720 X 540 before importing?  Thoughts? Help?

Here it is as a sample. I know it will expire in 10 days so I attached an image of the output as well.

 Also, any additional insight of what size image files to use when working with Storyline 2?  I find most my images to not be crisp upon export. 

Thank you! 


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Katherine,

You'll see our recommendations for the best quality images and videos detailed here.  I took a look at your image and the link to your course and I didn't notice a blurriness - but perhaps you could share the original image too so that folks could compare the two? 

Also, hopefully some of our community members will be able to chime in with their own ideas for best practices as well. 

Michael Jones

I'll also confirm that I'm not seeing any blurriness, Katherine.

If it doesn't look blurry when you preview in SL, then it could be something in the browser. You may want to check that there is no zoom enabled in Chrome—Cmd or Ctrl -/+ depending on whether you have a Mac or PC. 

Generally speaking, I'll work with as large of a source image as I can get. If you're using stock photography, this becomes a balancing act between credits and image size—usually the regular or large size will work well for a default 720x540 project. Just keep in mind that you can always scale an image down and not lose quality, but try to avoid having to scale it up from the original size. Like Scott, I also prefer PNG to other formats when working in SL2.

Hope that helps!

Richard Jett

Just like others have stated, I do not notice any blurriness at all.  We like to use a story size of 900 x 540.  For background pictures, we use Shutterstock and edit the size in Shutterstock before downloading to match our story size.  No issues with blurriness at all.  PNGs typically look better, but we use a lot of JPGs that look good too.  Great suggestions from Michael Jones!

Katherine Patla

Thank you all for the feedback.It is all very helpful. I have now optimized the quality of images in the output, adjusted my browser settings, downloaded a larger .jpg and resized the image before putting into in Storyline. The results are exactly what I'm looking for. 
Thank you again!