HELP! When review quiz, %QuestionNumber% doesn't work properly

Mar 31, 2014

Hi, anyone can help me this problem.

I have created a question pool which have questions randomized.  I have set question number to show "%QuestionNumber% of 10" on each page.  The problem occurs when the participant finishes the quiz and reviews their answer.  

When clicking the Next button, the QuestionNumber keeps adding BUT....when clicking the Previous button, the QuestionNumber keeps ADDING as well!!!  

Please note that I have already added a trigger to reset the QuestionNumber from 0. When reviewing the quiz, the question number starts from 1. Somehow, I can't find the previous button setting on the Reivew Quiz page.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sharon,

Without seeing your file, I'd suspect that the trigger you've set up adds 1 to "QuestionNumber" when the timeline starts - if that's the case any time you visit the slide, you'll see the number increase (whether using the  prev/next button). If you'd like to change the behavior you'll need to add a new trigger to your "previous" button to subtract one when the user clicks, and I'd also look at your slides properties revisiting state and set it to "resume saved state". 


Hi Sharon - You probably need to add another set of variables to mark the question as visited so the count does not go up.  I had the same problem as you when the action to mark as  "visited"  was on the timeline.  When I added it to the submit button instead, it seems to work fine for me.  I'm attaching a quick mock up  - hope that helps?


Sharon Lam


I still have the numbering issue. My customer wants that particiants are able to view their quiz answers ONLY when they passes the quiz. 

Again, the problem happens when using the Review Quiz button.  Look at the question number.  It keeps adding when clicking the Previous button.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sharon,

The default trigger for the Prev button, which jumps to the last visited slide, is hidden in Storyline. If you customize the Prev button with an additional trigger—for example, you adjust a variable—it replaces the default trigger. As a result, you'll need to add another trigger to restore the default Jump to previous slide functionality.

Custom triggers for the previous button might look something like the image below.

 Since your slides are set up to add the 1 to the variable when the timeline starts, the previous button is bringing you back a slide and allowing the timeline to restart. I am also unsure about the purpose of the trigger "if Q1 is equal to false" that you've included as I don't see where that variable is being adjusted either? 

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