HELP!? Why won't my buttons state stay "visited" when re-entering the content

Jan 25, 2019

I'm having issues with the buttons on my menu page staying "visited" when re-visiting a topic.


I currently have 6 buttons that have 5 content sections and 1 quiz section. Ideally, i would like users to view each content section in any order they want, then have access to the quiz once all other sections have been viewed.

I currently have a trigger to make the quiz button normal when buttons 1-5 have been visited. 

The problem i'm having is if a user clicks on any content button, reads through and returns to the menu, the button's state will change to "visited" -  if they re-click the same content section, it will then cancel out the state of the button to "normal". How can i avoid this problem.

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Nicole,

The best way to set up your menu so that it works the way you want it to is to create True/False variables for each menu item. In your case you could use names such as PrivacyComplete, PersonalComplete, DataComplete etc. These variables are initially set to False and only change to True when you select the final button at the end of the relevant section to return to the menu.

The triggers that you set for each menu button have an attached condition that requires the appropriate variable to be False for it to work. As a result, once the section has been completed, the user can no longer return to it from the menu as the button simply won't work. Once all five variables are True, the Quiz button becomes visible. If you want the users to have the option to review the various sections once they have completed the quiz, you could always have a button that resets the variables to False and gives them access to the buttons once again.

The attached example should hopefully help you make sense of what I have said above.

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