Help! Why would an embedded video cause SCORM to crash?

I am in the process of creating a simple Storyline course that uses an embedded video file for the main content.

The issue:

Whenever we test the course in SCORM importer or in our LMS, the course crashes as soon as it gets to the embedded object. This also happened when we tested it in Lectora, but our Oracle support rep advised that this is not related to the Taleo Learn platform - it is most likely some issue with our publishing settings.

The situation:

The video is a free Microsoft Excel online trainings, and we are trying to highlight a few of the more frequently troublesome functions for our employees.

I tried to embed the Excel training into Storyline a couple different ways, Insert from Website and Insert Web Object, and it does the same exact thing as it did in Lectora when the 'Only secure content is displayed' prompt shows up - then you click on the “show all content” button and the course closes.

I recorded a screencast to show you what i'm going on about:

All we need is the course to launch, display the video, and track their completion of the material.

We are using a "Complete the Course" button attached to a Freeform quiz in order to record a 100% completion and score for the course in our LMS.

I am publishing this course for LMS, with SCORM 1.2 selected. We are using the Oracle (Taleo Learn) LMS.

The question:

My first question is, does anyone know why the course would crash and close like that?

Is there a better way to accomplish this that does not involve recreating the course or screen recording the entire video?

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Mark Kennedy

That did get rid of the prompt, but the embedded video still isn't playing. The screen stays white until the timeline ends, and then it flips to my completion page. This happens in both IE and Chrome.

I tested the embed code by clicking the preview button in the Movie Tools tab, and it displays just fine there.

This is the embed code i'm using, if that would help at all:

[ <iframe width="640" height="360" allowfullscreen="true" frameborder="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight='0' scrolling="no" src="">

<A href="" target="_new" title="Video: VLOOKUP: When and how to use it">Video: Video: VLOOKUP: When and how to use it</A>

</iframe> ]

NOTE: I added the brackets to keep the embed code visible, those were not used in my Storyline file.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mark,

Thanks for sharing the embed code. I tested it out in a new .story file and posted it to SCORM Cloud which is an industry standard testing method for SCORM content. The course played as expected there and I was able to see the video - can you review the version I posted here and let me know how it behaves for you. You may want to review the other items here on why the video may not play within your content.

Please let us know how it goes after you check into those items.

Mark Kennedy


I just went through your example, and it seems to work perfectly.

I tried uploading my course to SCORM cloud, and it doesn't play the video at all.

I'm not quite sure what else could be the problem. I am using the recommended steps to insert the video file, i'm not modifying the embed code at all, and it seems to function properly when I test it in Storyline:

Mark Kennedy

That would be wonderful. I have the file attached, but please keep in mind that it is still a little rough.

Let me know if you have any questions for me.

Process I used:

- Copied the embed code from the video I wanted to display

- In Storyline: Insert > Media > Video > Video from Website

- Pasted in the embed code

- Set video to: Show video in slide & Load video automatically

- Publish settings: LMS > SCORM 1.2

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mark,

Thanks for sharing the .story file here with us. I took a look at all your settings, and everything seemed good - but just in case I added a new slide where I put the embed code in myself just to test it. Published that version, zipped it and uploaded to SCORM Cloud. You can view it here. When testing that version, your second slide where the video was - nothing appears. The third slide where I added the video works as expected. I'm not an expert in "reading" embed code - so I don't initially spot a difference between the two codes. So I've also attached the .story file here with my updates - can you try publishing that one and then let me know if you're able to load it up into SCORM Cloud?

Let us know how it goes!

Mark Kennedy


I think we might have narrowed down a possible cause of the issue, but now I just have to find the specific cause.

When I tried your version of the course on SCORM cloud, it works great.

I downloaded your .Story file, ran both embed codes through a Diff Checker, and they are identical.

When I tried to publish your .Story file, I made sure everything was set according to our standard practices:

  • Publish to my Desktop
  • I leave the Include HTML5 output checked
  • Quality: Set to Optimized for Standard Delivery
  • LMS: SCORM 1.2

When I uploaded the course to SCORM cloud, neither of the video slides play.

I did notice that when I try to view the version of the course that I published, a security warning displays in my browser. Once I click to allow the unsecure content, it closes the course just like it did before.

I attached a screencast of this:

I looked at your version of the course, and it did not have that security warning.

Just in case there is a difference in versions, I attached a screenshot of the version I am using:

I am completely dumbfounded at this point, and I have absolutely no idea what is going on here.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Mark,

I took the original file you shared, made no changes and uploaded this to Articulate Online, just for testing:

Testing For Mark Embed Video

The embedded video plays properly for me here.

I then published for "Web" so I could upload and test this on my test server:

Testing for Mark Embed Video (Flash)

Testing for Mark Embed Video (HTML5)

Both versions play properly for me when I test in Google Chrome. Again, no modifications have been made.

I then published for LMS, zipped and uploaded to SCORM Cloud:

Testing For Mark Embed Video SCORM

Here, I see exactly what you described:

Now, in Ashley's version, I actually see the view on the second and third slides.

I agree, it's a little foggy as to "why" at the moment. At first I was leaning toward the issue being server-specific, but obviously that's not the case.

Would you mind taking a look at the projects that I published and letting us know if you experience the same results?

Thank you!

Mark Kennedy

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, it's been a hectic day.

I went through the different examples, and all of them played except for the last version that was published for LMS.

The same "unsafe script" shows up when I viewed the LMS example, but it doesn't show in any of the other versions.

Mark Kennedy


I installed Update 6, published the original file you sent me, and that did the trick.

I didn't see anything specific in the release notes for Update 6 that sounded like my issue, but it seems to have corrected the issue.

Thank you everyone for your help on this issue!

NOTE: We do still seem to be experiencing issues with the "enable content" error message for other users. However, once the security settings are adjusted as previously mentioned in this thread, the course should load as intended.